Martin Raymond & Chris Sanderson


The Future Laboratory

10:00am – 1:00pm

Living in the Future

In more than one way, The Future Laboratory is ahead of the game when it comes to trend forecasting. Not only is the London-based company leading the industry, but it’s also helping to shape countless others by conducting deep research in a number of fields and sharing its findings with those who hear them speak. Co-founders Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson realized that thoughtful analysis on the shapeshifting needs of the global consumer is an invaluable tool for businesses, governments, and citizens to respond to those needs effectively. As well as being Editor-in-Chief of LS:N Global—an online lifestyle news and consumer insight network that covers everything from technology to hospitality—Martin has penned and co-edited a number of books including The Tomorrow People: Future Consumers and How to Read Them Today (Financial Times Prentice Hall), and the ubiquitous Trend Forecaster’s Handbook (Laurence King publishing). Chris also takes a leading role in the LS:N Global Trend Briefings, media events, and conferences, with names such as LVMH, Google, BFC, UBA, Pernod Ricard, Love Travel, QIC, and Mecca on the growing list of people he’s influenced.

Trend Briefing 2018

As today’s brands reach levels of influence that are unprecedented, crossing the line between public and private life, they must determine where they stand within this new landscape of transformational experience and Subconscious Commerce. Consumers’ desire for hyper-convenience and businesses’ ability to use data to know us better than we know ourselves mean that the traditional rules of engagement no longer apply. At the same time, we are entering a new era of consumption as the environmental and social impact of growth becomes more apparent—from fast growth to slow and sustained growth, materialistic purchases to meaningful transactions, personal hedonism to collective happiness, and corporate responsibility to embedded morality.


More specifically, Chris and Martin will touch on the following topics:


Part I – Embracing or Resisting a World of Subconscious Commerce


Subconscious Commerce – How can brands establish themselves in the new landscape of Reach-in Retail, Brandlords, Post-shelf Packaging, Commercial Gatekeepers, and Avatargeting?


Branding Futures – In the coming decade branding will come to mean more than surface decoration. People, culture, experience, emotions and values will become essential ingredients for brands to create long lasting, wide reaching success with internal and external audiences.


Part II – Luxury & Hospitality Futures and Creating the Right Experiences


Luxury & Hospitality Futures – From redefining the luxury hotel to a new consumer mindset, we explore the biggest shifts in luxury and hospitality into 2019.


Luxury Index – Our Luxury Index is a five-stage map that brands can use to pick their way through the social and economic plains, foothills and valleys of the post-crash landscape.


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